Toronto Raptors Season In Review

The Raptors have improved upon last season finishing with a franchise record 56-26  season. before the season i had these guys finishing either 1st of 2nd in the eastern conference and i hit it right on the head. unlike last year the raptors have improved drastically. In this piece i will discuss those changes here is video i did early on in the season on my views.


Last Year

DD injury back in the day

DeMar Derozan Tears His Quad mid way through the 2014 season

Last Year the Raptors opened up the season strong as well as Kyle Lowry was proving that his was worth the Huge contract he has signed in the Offseason. But trouble came when DeMar Derozan was his with in Injury that would keep him sidelined for more then a month. he had suffered a torn Quad. When Derozan came back the Raptors shook off some losses and went a a little streak of wins.





Unfortunately the raptors had a losing record after the All star break mostly from poor play from Kyle Lowry who was fighting through some injuries. Even though He fought through the injuries,  it ended up hurting the Raptors. his numbers in every category fell off by a huge margin and could not shoot a good percentage from the field. he could not shake off His bad play the whole half after the All Star Break. All that being said they did get a franchise record in wins with 49 wins



A frustrated Kyle Lowry on the bench watching as the Wizards complete their sweep of the Raptors last year


On paper even though the Raptors were limping into the playoffs they were to face a team that they had swept in the regular season series 4-0. That Team was the Washington Wizards, but what happened next would shock Toronto. The Raptors were swept in a non close affair in all 4 games. everything the Raptors had accomplished during the regular season was diminished by a wizards team that was not playing well coming down the end of the stretch of that year.



Improvements Made This Year

Are these Raptors Legit

            (from left to Right)                       Demarre Carroll (5), Kyle Lowry (7), Jonas Valanciunas (17) and DeMar Derozan (10). The New and improved Core of the Raptors.


Although they lost 6th man of the year Lou Williams they got immensely better. The biggest pick up the Raptors have made this past summer was Demarre Carroll.  Someone that could go down and play the 4 spot which was a need for the Raptors. Also brought in was home town boy Corey Joseph  who gained alot of experience and a NBA Ring to go with it with the Spurs.  they also brought in Bigs Luis Scola and the gem who turned heads in Toronto  Bismack Biyombo who played well when when Jonas Valanciunas want  down with a wrist injury.



The Raptors showed Resilience early on and did not turn back beating some of the best teams in the league with defense or dominating them the entire game. Their was no huge drop off from anyone this year. Did the Raptors Drop some easy games sometimes ? Yes they did, but they picked themselves back up and kept on going and they earned a franchise best 56-26. The most staggering stat that the Raptors have done is winning the season series against each team in the eastern conference playoffs.


xwethenorthbanner-1024x620.jpg.pagespeed.ic.bOiLPUV2xfPlayoff Predictions 

I truly Believe the Raptors have learned from last year. they know public humility and do not want to suffer the same fate as last year. i think they will beat the Pacers in 5 games and the rest is up to them. I think they can come out of the eastern conference. They have shown they can beat the Cavs at full health and play with the toughest west teams which the Cavs have struggled to do. If you’re a Raptor fan right now, you have a lot to be happy about.





NBA All-Star weekend in review

So Ends the 63 NBA All-Star weekend in New Orleans. So lets have a quick look back at some of the stuff that went down.

Celebrity games

The Celebrity games are usually not that watch, but because of Kevin hart, a decent amount of people watched. everyone knew that even if Kevin Hart had 0 points and 0 assist. since it was fan voting so he was destined to win. Kevin did up Wining the MVP but gave it to Ernie Duncan who had a double double and broke the celebrity games record for points in a game.  The game was also close down the stretch which made it more eventful.

Grade A

Normally This game is over looked and it was not a big deal to anyone but Kevin Hart has made it more eventful and has brought more viewers to watch the game. To be honest I never knew there was a celebrity game before Kevin Hart started  participating. Not only did he make it funny and fun to watch, he had the great sportsmanship to give it to the player that deserved it.

Rising Stars

3 players made this game crazy. 1 Tim Hardaway JR, 2 Dion Waiters. 3 Andre Drummond

This was a coming out party for all 3 of these Athletes. for one we now know that  Tim Hardaway JR is more athletic then we give him credit for. A lot of people were starting to say Dion Waiters was a Bust as the Cavs have been at the bottom of the eastern conference f0r quite sometime and has been on the trading block this year and he came out and performed at a high level. For Drummond This game was a statement to him And has him about to take the step from a good player to an all-star next year

Tim Hardaway and Dion Waiters from out of nowhere started go at each other that made the crowd get really into the game. it started when Dion hit a three in the face of Hardaway and Hardaway decided to do the same from further back the crowed picked up on what was about to go down and started to responded. Dion came back and got a step back 3 and drained a three. and again Hardaway came down and responded with another three.  But slowly having a good game was Drummond.

Grade A

Drummond 30 points and a Rising Stars Challenge-record 25 rebounds, Tim Hardaway scored 36 points and made seven 3-pointers and  Waiters had 31 points

these guys were obviously the top players but and Andre Drummond  Stood alone as the Rising stars Challenge MVP with his Strong performance.

Michael Sam and the NFL controversy

Is the NFL ready for Michael Sam? Unlike a whole lot of sports that have started to accept gay athletes there is the NFL that is still struggling with this “manly man” foolishness.  Some players and GM have come out and said positive things saying that its good that he has come out and are looking forward to seeing him in the league and support him. Others have said it would be hard to deal with and have concerns about him watching them in the shower. A GM said that he might not even be drafted because he has come out.

NFL teams are concerned about how much attention this would bring to there respected franchises. They would rather have their star get all the attention then to have a gay player and cameras in there locker room practices everyday. Players such as Jonathan Vilma have said he feels it’s not right. Staying he’s afraid of gay players looking at him while he’s naked. His own father said it’s not right and he’s “old school” and is against it. 

I got news for you “old school” Prunes, Its 2014 and the world has changed. We have accepted the fact that people will love whom they want to love, be who they want to be. Who are we to stop anyone from being there self? Judging people because of their race or sexual preference is wrong. This is not an airborne disease that will affect anyone. So why is it such a problem?

Scouts and the media are now getting trying to justify his slipping in the draft projections by saying his sacks and better games were against bad teams when before no one was saying that and saying he is a good athlete. The media is focusing so much on the fact that he’s gay and not getting to the athlete side of him, which is making more people wonder what’s his true value.   

 Michael Sam came out to his team before the start of his last season At the University Of Missouri. And by the looks of things they were not affected by this at all. After a sack or a big play his teammates would shower him with love a bump him. So if Student Athletes are okay with this. Why aren’t grown men okay with it? I think this speaks to the level of maturity that younger student athletes have.

Which leads me to my conclusion, Let’s be honest these “old school” players and executives are almost all gone. “old school” players are now about to leave the game so your input is really Irrelevant.  Some of you are hanging around with little to give to mentor young players and hope they could lead you to something you could not do on your own and that is a Superbowl. So if Michael Sam can help you get there, why would you be against having him on your team?  America as a country is ready for you Michael Sam. The Big question is, if the NFL is Mature enough to overlook this “manly man” “old school” rubbish and wake up and realize that its 2014 and the world has changed.

What are your thoughts on this story, Love to hear from you guys! #cyrusreports 

Stats from employment in canada and success in trades

According to Stats Canada employment has been up and down since 2008 to 2012.

In Canada there was a total of 1,172,300 people employed in Canada. Stats show that in 2008  a total of 425,477 people were employed in Ontario. That number would increase to  431,202 in 2009 which employed over 5,000 plus more people in Ontario. Then in 2010 that number jumped by 10,312 to total 441,514, Sadly in 2011 jobs decrease to 436,806 for  Ontarian’s  which means 4,708 people lost there job. but that number would move  the right direction in 2012 to gain 3,796 jobs back to total 440,602 Jobs in Ontario alone. in 2012 Ontario ranks first in most in employment. worst for employment is the Yukon with a mere 1,386.

This chart has shown that employment has been up and down in the past years and could show decrease in 2014. I could say this because from the graph you can see the pattern of 2 years up 1 year down. So we can estimate that in 2013 that jobs are likely. Trade jobs have been a good source of Jobs lately and is good for most self employed people.

I asked a TTC worker that works in HVAC and he. “There is a lot of opportunity in Trades Everybody is always in need of  Stuff that deal with wiring and heating and air conditioning. and most people wont pay for certain people so they would call up self employed people to come do it for a little cheaper.
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Former Athlete gone coach reflects on Durham

Former Athlete gone coach reflects on durham

Matt Markovic is the assistant coach of the Durham Lords and is a former student at Durham and he shares a bit of his story from young age, Matt was an all around athlete playing soccer, track, and basketball. When ask about why did he choose basketball he replied, “It was the most fun of the sports I played.” Matt got an offer for track at the University of Guelph “ looking back at it I probably should have took it but I was not that into track”

Most all around athletes tend to just have fun with it and take one of the sports serious but when asked about how serious he took basketball he said academics came first “the way I looked at it I was here to be a student first and foremost and I attended for three years I knew this would be the last time I would play organized ball. I knew I was not going onto playing basketball professionally and I was not interested in pursuing that,”

The lords have struggled in years passed and have not really found an identity when ask about the traditions it seems like much has not change in passed years. “At the time we ran into some teams in the late 90’s early 2000. I don’t think we were at the level of Sheridan, Algonquin, or Humber but we are taken more serious now.” To most people that is a scary thought because of a 0-4 start to the season.

Social media nothing but positive for Future Journalist

                                           Social media will be a key thing going forward for future journalist 

“Social media generates community involvement,” says Ken Person from a class presentation on monday morning .  Person  told us young journalist today that social media will increase your followers   faster then the old fashion way. “You could get followers and get known faster online within seconds.” sources such, as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pintrest and Instagram are huge for journalist.

The two more popular ones are Facebook and Twitter. People use social media all the time and follow multiple pages. You can use it for quotes from others that leave comments on your page to pulling in photos from events that you may not be able to attend to get a feel for what is going on at that event.

In conclusion these are all the great things that social media could bring us future journalist.

NBA Predictions

Hey guys the NBA is back and i got some predictions before The NBA gets underway! 

Rookie of the Year: (Cody Zeller or Ben Macklemore)

MVP: (Kevin Durant) 

Most improved: (Jonas Valanciunas) 

Defensive player of the year: (Dwight Howard Or Paul George) 

6th man: (Jarret Jack) 

Coach of the Year: (Tom Thibodeau Or Greg Popovich) 

NBA Champions: (Thunder or Bulls) 

NBA Finals MVP: (Kevin Durant or Derrick Rose)