Michael Sam and the NFL controversy

Is the NFL ready for Michael Sam? Unlike a whole lot of sports that have started to accept gay athletes there is the NFL that is still struggling with this “manly man” foolishness.  Some players and GM have come out and said positive things saying that its good that he has come out and are looking forward to seeing him in the league and support him. Others have said it would be hard to deal with and have concerns about him watching them in the shower. A GM said that he might not even be drafted because he has come out.

NFL teams are concerned about how much attention this would bring to there respected franchises. They would rather have their star get all the attention then to have a gay player and cameras in there locker room practices everyday. Players such as Jonathan Vilma have said he feels it’s not right. Staying he’s afraid of gay players looking at him while he’s naked. His own father said it’s not right and he’s “old school” and is against it. 

I got news for you “old school” Prunes, Its 2014 and the world has changed. We have accepted the fact that people will love whom they want to love, be who they want to be. Who are we to stop anyone from being there self? Judging people because of their race or sexual preference is wrong. This is not an airborne disease that will affect anyone. So why is it such a problem?

Scouts and the media are now getting trying to justify his slipping in the draft projections by saying his sacks and better games were against bad teams when before no one was saying that and saying he is a good athlete. The media is focusing so much on the fact that he’s gay and not getting to the athlete side of him, which is making more people wonder what’s his true value.   

 Michael Sam came out to his team before the start of his last season At the University Of Missouri. And by the looks of things they were not affected by this at all. After a sack or a big play his teammates would shower him with love a bump him. So if Student Athletes are okay with this. Why aren’t grown men okay with it? I think this speaks to the level of maturity that younger student athletes have.

Which leads me to my conclusion, Let’s be honest these “old school” players and executives are almost all gone. “old school” players are now about to leave the game so your input is really Irrelevant.  Some of you are hanging around with little to give to mentor young players and hope they could lead you to something you could not do on your own and that is a Superbowl. So if Michael Sam can help you get there, why would you be against having him on your team?  America as a country is ready for you Michael Sam. The Big question is, if the NFL is Mature enough to overlook this “manly man” “old school” rubbish and wake up and realize that its 2014 and the world has changed.

What are your thoughts on this story, Love to hear from you guys! #cyrusreports 


Whats the hold up with Rob Gronkowski?

Gronk was cleared  to play against the Saints this pass week. But the day before, the doctors pulled him for injury precautionary measures. This makes absolutely no sense. Tom Brady said that he was “the best player in practise” and said it’s “killing him to not be out there.” Robs mom says he’s “Dying to play.” The Patriots better be careful before Rob builds up resentment for them. If he is the best in practise he says he’s ready to play, Whats the hold up ? What are your thoughts? do you think he will suit up for the next game ? #cyrusreports  

Eli Manning Meltdown

2 time Superbowl winning quarterback Eli Manning has been horrible This year. from the very beginning it seemed like he is not thinking football and is making his team suffer for this.  His receiver Hakeem Nicks has said “well i can’t throw the ball to my self” and Vitor Cruz is close to turning on him as well. He has had a total of 12 turnovers in the last 4 games.  For someone that has always been tagged as “Peyton’s little brother”  finally put that to rest 2 years ago when winning the Superbowl and being an elite player for the giants. but this year he just does not have it. he does looked focused and he does not look like its going to get better anytime soon. What are your thoughts on Eli ? do you see him turning it around anytime soon?  where do you think the New York Giants finish?.  #cyrusreports