NBA All-Star weekend in review

So Ends the 63 NBA All-Star weekend in New Orleans. So lets have a quick look back at some of the stuff that went down.

Celebrity games

The Celebrity games are usually not that watch, but because of Kevin hart, a decent amount of people watched. everyone knew that even if Kevin Hart had 0 points and 0 assist. since it was fan voting so he was destined to win. Kevin did up Wining the MVP but gave it to Ernie Duncan who had a double double and broke the celebrity games record for points in a game.  The game was also close down the stretch which made it more eventful.

Grade A

Normally This game is over looked and it was not a big deal to anyone but Kevin Hart has made it more eventful and has brought more viewers to watch the game. To be honest I never knew there was a celebrity game before Kevin Hart started  participating. Not only did he make it funny and fun to watch, he had the great sportsmanship to give it to the player that deserved it.

Rising Stars

3 players made this game crazy. 1 Tim Hardaway JR, 2 Dion Waiters. 3 Andre Drummond

This was a coming out party for all 3 of these Athletes. for one we now know that  Tim Hardaway JR is more athletic then we give him credit for. A lot of people were starting to say Dion Waiters was a Bust as the Cavs have been at the bottom of the eastern conference f0r quite sometime and has been on the trading block this year and he came out and performed at a high level. For Drummond This game was a statement to him And has him about to take the step from a good player to an all-star next year

Tim Hardaway and Dion Waiters from out of nowhere started go at each other that made the crowd get really into the game. it started when Dion hit a three in the face of Hardaway and Hardaway decided to do the same from further back the crowed picked up on what was about to go down and started to responded. Dion came back and got a step back 3 and drained a three. and again Hardaway came down and responded with another three.  But slowly having a good game was Drummond.

Grade A

Drummond 30 points and a Rising Stars Challenge-record 25 rebounds, Tim Hardaway scored 36 points and made seven 3-pointers and  Waiters had 31 points

these guys were obviously the top players but and Andre Drummond  Stood alone as the Rising stars Challenge MVP with his Strong performance.