Stats from employment in canada and success in trades

According to Stats Canada employment has been up and down since 2008 to 2012.

In Canada there was a total of 1,172,300 people employed in Canada. Stats show that in 2008  a total of 425,477 people were employed in Ontario. That number would increase to  431,202 in 2009 which employed over 5,000 plus more people in Ontario. Then in 2010 that number jumped by 10,312 to total 441,514, Sadly in 2011 jobs decrease to 436,806 for  Ontarian’s  which means 4,708 people lost there job. but that number would move  the right direction in 2012 to gain 3,796 jobs back to total 440,602 Jobs in Ontario alone. in 2012 Ontario ranks first in most in employment. worst for employment is the Yukon with a mere 1,386.

This chart has shown that employment has been up and down in the past years and could show decrease in 2014. I could say this because from the graph you can see the pattern of 2 years up 1 year down. So we can estimate that in 2013 that jobs are likely. Trade jobs have been a good source of Jobs lately and is good for most self employed people.

I asked a TTC worker that works in HVAC and he. “There is a lot of opportunity in Trades Everybody is always in need of  Stuff that deal with wiring and heating and air conditioning. and most people wont pay for certain people so they would call up self employed people to come do it for a little cheaper.
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