NBA Predictions

Hey guys the NBA is back and i got some predictions before The NBA gets underway! 

Rookie of the Year: (Cody Zeller or Ben Macklemore)

MVP: (Kevin Durant) 

Most improved: (Jonas Valanciunas) 

Defensive player of the year: (Dwight Howard Or Paul George) 

6th man: (Jarret Jack) 

Coach of the Year: (Tom Thibodeau Or Greg Popovich) 

NBA Champions: (Thunder or Bulls) 

NBA Finals MVP: (Kevin Durant or Derrick Rose) 



OKC Squad In The Early part of the season

The Oklahoma City Thunder has been through a lot in a short time. Elite guard Russell Westbrook went down with a knee injury which led to a earlier than expected exit from the western conference finals. Now instead of having him back and ready  to play he will miss the first 6-8 weeks of the season. They were ranked 6th in the NBA coming into the season and now face the biggest challenge ahead. All of a sudden it seems that they aren’t the favourites to win the west. Everyone has them behind the Clippers and Spurs. The Thunder did not make any big moves this summer as they still have there core group of players but lost Kevin Martin but have now place the role on Jeremy Lamb to step in and be that type of player. I think OKC will struggle at first but when Westbrook gets back I think that all of this will vanish as Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook will take the Thunder strait to the NBA finals.

starting 5

PG: Reggie Jackson (until Westbrook comes back)

SG: Sefo 

SF: Kevin Durant

PF: Serge Ibaka 

C: Kendrick Perkins

6th man: Jeremy Lamb 

Record: 50+ wins 

Seed: 1st in the west. 

What are your thoughts? how do you think OKC will do this season? Let me know your thoughts.

Toronto Raptors Squad Overview

 Toronto is going into the Season with a improved roster and some hype which they have not had in a long time. Defensively, The Raptors have shown flashes of what they can really do. There two developing players in Terrence Ross And Jonas Valanciunas have really been working hard this past offseason JV one summer league MVP in Los Vegas and Terrence Ross has shown development in consistent shooting and being more aggressive going to the rack. Toronto has three major players for this year in Demar DeRozan, Rudy Gay, and Jonas Valanciunas. Lets not get ahead of our selves, The Raptors still have a long way to go before getting through to the finals and need to grow there team to have a team that can beat the Bulls and the Heat before they think about going to a title game.   

Projected starting line up 

PG: Kyle Lowry

SG: Demar DeRozan 

SF: Rudy Gay 

PF: Amir Johnson 

C: Jonas Valanciunas 

Six man 

SG: Terrence Ross

Record (yet to be seen) 

Seed: 6th in the East  (maybe second round in the playoffs) 

Where do you see Toronto going the Season? Let me know what you think ! #cyrusreports 

Behind the closet door…

Footsteps To Fashion

A young man sits in his  bathtub… Clothes on… Water on. He sits in silence letting each drop of water slap his face and hide his tears. Disgusted with himself for not being society’s standard of normal. Disgusted with society for closing the door on his rainbow coloured face. Hoping to wash the disappointment from his soul and clean his slate in this shower. His plaid flannel shirt absorbing every drop of water it can taste, getting heavier with every Second he can spare , Purposefully irritating a man with a world of judgement on his shoulders. Sadness to overwhelming too hide with a fake smile, hurt too bold to hide with flesh. A young man is sitting in his bathtub…  Clothes on… Water on. He can feel societies label burning into his Skin, becoming one with him against his will. Overbearing emotions and confused conclusions. Death knocking on the…

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Miami will not be crowned champions this year

I have nothing against the Miami Heat but that match up against the spurs showed every weakness Miami has and only adding more problems with Michael Beasley and Greg Oden to your lineup. losing Mike Miller the only other player outside the the three on the bench that saves this team time and time again. this is the end of the road for Miami championship run. They made an effort to finally get a C  but it was Greg Oden, a player that has not played a even a Half of an NBA season yet he was originally drafted in 2008 and has been rigged with injuries such as back to back ACL Tears and then with all that time off he became over weight. Recently reports say that he is looking good . on a side note i am happy for Oden and getting back to the league. He has a  love for this game and was determined to get back to this league. But this does bring questions to everyone to see how Oden will play . the coaches have said he will have limited minutes to start and see how he does. The heat still have a chance to make it to the finals but I think with the Return of Derrick Rose to the Bull and a Indiana Pacers squad that forced them into  7 without Danny Granger Theres two teams that i think have a chance to upset the Heat. Lets remember that D Wade is getting older and his Stats continue to decline which means more pressure on Lebron James and Chris Bosh. 

With all of this said how do you think the Heat will do this year ? do you think that they can get pasted these teams and finish first? Let me know your thoughts. #cyrusreports

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Future of journalism on it’s way to the Internet and social media world

Stevon Cyrus

Intro to journalism media 

Joanne Burghardt

Future of Journalism 

Thursday October 17 2013 

So as an inspired journalist I have been ask to write about where I think journalism will go in the future there is a high chance that a huge amount of journalism will be done on the internet and people will eventually start to pay for online reads. I think that there are going to be a group that will kick it old fashion and continue to read the newspaper with there cup of tea or coffee in the mornings or on there breaks. I have noticed a large amount of people that have made the switch to using there phone or on the Internet. A huge reason for this is how big social media is today. Where I believe you should take advantage of social media.  An article from Khethukuthula Lembethe from news24 is able to back up my argument. She goes on to say “Almost all media houses, radio station and television news channels have a website, Facebook page and twitter account.”  This is why I believe that journalism will shift mostly to the internet and social media in the near future